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Complete business management suite

If you own a business, you will find everything that is required to manage your business here. You will also find that this is an excellent platform to collaborate with your suppliers and customers. Browse through our feature list to know more..

No Setup required, access from anywhere and any device

This application is accessed online through web browsers and mobile apps. We have taken great care to make sure that you can start off in a flash and at the same time all your required data shall be setup depending your type of business  and location. Note that some features of this application can be accessed offline too so that you dont have to worry if your internet has connectivity problems.


Bixera is designed and packaged in a way that it is really affordable . Take a look at our packages and we are sure that you will not be disappointed.

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Bixera comes with lot of features that helps you to manage your business and connects you to your customers and suppliers/partners

Customer Care

The most tricky part of the customer care is to have all the customer data & documents in a nicely organised way. Our customer care is designed to be self-organising and always upto date . There is also a selfcare module and a service request/complaint system.


You can create invoices or estimates and send them to customers from here. There is also an automated invoicing function that takes care of your periodic invoicing needs. You can track the status your invoices , and they are automatically updated when customer make a payment

Order Management

If you accept orders online or through phone, you would not want to miss this feature. This can be used to manage B2B orders or retail orders

Payments & Accounting

Manage all your receivables and payables from here. Bixera also allows your customers to make their payment online . Your bookkeeping records are always upto date automagically

Supplier Management

You can find other service providers - suppliers, partners, or some businesses providing service to you and connect with them. Like your customers data all information and documents related to them is organised for you. You can also raise orders,complaints or make payments from here


Collaborating with various parties for your business will not get easier than this. You can chat or video conference with your customers,suppliers or employees right from here.


Managing appointments is often time taking and manual task. Bixera helps you to automate this and helps reducing no-show and increase productivity.

Sales Force & Marketting

Dont let an opportunity go by. All your leads and oppurtunities can be managed and tracked from here. Associating tasks to handle oppurtunities or analysing your sales team's performance, its all easy now. You can also manage your promotional discounts to attract your customers

Tasks & To dos

All the workflows - orders, service requests, complaints, incoming invoices etc - are organised into "To Do" for you or your employees. You can also manually create , assign tasks and track them to closure.

Reports & Dashboard

A picture is worth thousand words. Get complete hold of you business performance in well designed reports & charts. There are also dashboards to help you navigate through your day to day operations

Manage Subscriptions

If your business model is to sell your services through subscriptions or memberships requiring periodic transactions, this one is for you. In fact we also use this function to manage all our subscriptions

Secure & private

Its our responsiblity to make sure your data is secure. We use cutting edge technology and industry best practices to achieve that. Your data also remains yours ;No data shall be shared with any 3rd party ever. Your data is automatically backed up so that even during an unlikely event of a site crash, you data is safe.

Complete business automation

Helps you to focus on your business by automating the day to day tedious tasks

Have you wished that when your customer makes a payment, it automatically shows up in your account books without you putting it there? Or that your appointment book has brains of its own? Or the orders can be handled like those precisely timed machines at factories? If so, you need to try out Bixera.


Easy to use

Bixera is designed in a way that anybody who have used a browser can operate it easily. Whether the employee at the cash counter using a desktop or your field task using a mobile or whether you just want to check the dashboard from your tablet, all functionality are seamless


Pricing & Plans

Bixera comes in various packages to suite your needs.Please select your plan to proceed

  • Free

    • Access to all functionality
    • Email support for issues
    • Upto 2 employees
    • Upto 25 customers
    • Upto 25 invoices
    • Upto 25 subscriptions
    • Upto 10 SMS notifications
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  • Micro

    INR 299/Month
    • Access to all functionality
    • Phone/Email support for issues
    • Upto 2 employees
    • Upto 100 customers
    • Upto 100 invoices
    • Upto 100 subscriptions
    • Upto 100 SMS notifications
  • Small

    INR 699/Month
    • Access to all functionality
    • Phone/Email support for issues
    • Upto 6 employees
    • Upto 600 customers
    • Upto 600 invoices
    • Upto 600 subscriptions
    • Upto 600 SMS notifications
  • Medium

    INR 999/Month
    • Access to all functionality
    • Phone/Email support for issues
    • Upto 10 employees
    • Upto 1000 customers
    • Upto 1000 invoices
    • Upto 1000 subscriptions
    • Upto 1000 SMS notifications
  • Large

    INR 1999/Month
    • Access to all functionality
    • Phone/Email support for issues
    • Upto 20 employees
    • Upto 2000 customers
    • Upto 2000 invoices
    • Upto 2000 subscriptions
    • Upto 2000 SMS notifications
  • Custom

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